Sunday, May 13, 2012

Over the Top Fascinators: Best local hair-do thingie

As published in the VC Reporter's Best Of, September 2009.

The ladies of the VC are flipping their lids over the latest fashion trend. Margaret Winter's fascinators are turning heads, but few have even heard the term.

“If you ever watched a Hugh Grant movie, there are feathers on everyone’s heads!” says Winter, who describes the fascinator as a simple hair adornment, or more specifically, a small hat that fits on the side of the head with a flower, “some sort of bling,” fabric, veil netting and/or feather coming off (“something that wafts in the breeze”), which is held on with a comb securely tucked into the hair.

Winter started her business, Over the Top Fascinators, at the first of the year, something that came about when she helped a friend.

“I had seen them in Europe and I was asked by a friend of mine who had gone to school in Europe to make one for her wedding.”

After that, an avalanche of referrals had her designing fascinators full time. Although the bulk of her business is bridal, these beautiful hair accessories are certainly not just for brides or wedding attendees. Fascinators are all the rage on the club scene says Winter, adding, “The pin-up and rockabilly girls are really into daughter rarely goes out without one.”

Winter does a lot of custom work, consulting with clients (and even their hairdressers) to incorporate keepsakes like vintage buttons and rhinestones into the designs. She also hand tints fabric flowers to match bridesmaids dresses or other outfits. Prices start at $20 for a simple ready-made casual headband. Custom bridal designs usually run $75 on up to $125.

Winter works out of her home in Ventura and sells most of her fascinators through her Web site. She also keeps a handful of designs at Alayna’s Bridal in Camarillo and Le Monde and Cara Mia in downtown Ventura.

Over the Top Fascinators
(805) 217-3299