Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fitness Columns

Lisa first became interested in fitness when her P.E. teacher told her she threw like a girl.  In the 80’s she was intrigued by leg warmers.  Today she hikes and does Pilates.  And she still throws like a girl.

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Hiking in Ojai, as published in the annual '07 Fitness Guide
Yoga, as published in the annual '05 Fitness Guide

Monthly columns:
Runners Do Weird Things, on sleeping next to a half marathoner
Grace to Spare, on Pilates      PILATES PODCAST
To Gym or Not To Gym, on finding your perfect fitness match
Returning from illness or injury, on getting back in the game
Men's Health for Father's Day, Taking the Y chromosome to the M.D.
A Pedestrian Pursuit, Leisurely walks can grow to fitness routine
A Fitness Plan That’s All Wet, Here’s a tip: Take a dip
Fitness without the fitness center, Getting in shape at home
Rock out, Getting a total body workout by climbing
Not just a pretty name, Rolfing expands on massage experience
The Hula Hoop Proxy, BodyHoops
A Recipe for Fitness, the perfect meal
Fitness Fashion, I'm not working a runway, I'm working my abs
Mental Fitness, Train your brain
A good night's rest, the elusive pursuit
Ergonomics, Making sure your boss is your only pain in the ass at work
Corporate Fitness, Exercise well-suited for the workplace
Why so hypertense? Getting control of high blood pressure
The stay-cation, Stay fit, stay healthy, stay solvent, stay home
Skin Protection, a summer guide to preventing skin cancer
Digestive Health, tips to keep you regular
A healthy diet, Sometimes it's the little things that count most
Fitness disguised as fun gets the job done
Decision 2008: How to cope with the stress
Beefcake: it's not what women want
Surviving the Holidays: Your 2008 Guide
Resolve to make resolutions you will keep
Chocolate: more than just a Valentine Day indulgence
Zen and the art of working out: making the mind-body connection
Colorful Dining: look to the rainbow to make healthy meal choices
Short Workouts: carve out just a few minutes throughout the day
Sleep: Skip the propofol and choose to sleep the old-fashioned way
Wine: A glass a day keeps the doctor away?
Kids' Health: Back to school lessons in moderation and nutrition at the farmers market
Breast Health: How are your ta-tas?
Avoiding Illness: More tips than just washing your hands
Acupuncture: Get stuck with needles (Fitness, Health and Beauty Guide - January 2010)
Self Talk: It's OK to talk to yourself, just make sure you say nice things!
Be A Competitor! (January 2010)
Cardio Counts! (March 2010)
My Favorite Foods (April 2010)
Your Own Home Gym (May 2010)
Fun in the Sun (June 2010)
Fitness Core Values (July 2010)
Sun Protection and a Rogue Freckle (August 2010)
Eat Local (September 2010)
Rethink Your Drink (October 2010)